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(3) ... Muslims "visited" by JESUS in person? ... "Visions" and "Dreams"

I have read a report about a "Muslim family" who was visited by a man in person claiming to be JESUS. I read another report that claimed that a small "Muslim village" was visited by JESUS in person who preached to them for 2 weeks. I have read of other accounts of "Muslims" who claim that they were visited by JESUS in person.

The Bible tells us in Acts 3:21 that JESUS "must remain" in Heaven "until" the restitution of all things. In fact, in the Book of Matthew, JESUS said that if anyone shall say, lo, here is CHRIST, or there, "believe it not," because JESUS said that He would not be seen again (in person) "until" His Second Coming. JESUS goes on to say that the "deception" in the last days would be "GREAT." 

Paul the Apostle was a "chosen vessel" of God, to be a "powerful witness" for JESUS to the Gentiles, to Kings, and to Israel. Even with this "GREAT" assignment from the Lord, JESUS "did not leave Heaven" and come down here to "Earth" in person to visit Paul. The Bible tells us that on the road to Damascus that a light "from Heaven" shined about Paul, and Paul heard a voice "from Heaven", and JESUS spoke to him.

The Bible makes it clear that JESUS is not leaving "Heaven" from time to time to come down to "Earth" and visit people, for whatever reason!

"Muslims" or anybody else who claim that they have been visited by JESUS in person, "have not" been visited by JESUS of the Bible, they have been visited by a "false Christ."

In the Bible, there is not a recorded instance (except one instance) of the ungodly receiving a "vision" from the Lord. The recorded instances of  someone receiving a "vision" from the Lord, was a person who was already a Godly servant of the Lord. The one exception was Paul on the road to Damascus. However, Paul did not actually see JESUS. All he saw, was a light that shined from "Heaven."

Also, in the Bible, the "dreams" from the Lord that are recorded were experienced by the Godly and ungodly. However, the Bible records that whenever the ungodly experienced a "dream" from the Lord, it was a "dream" of warning.

As I have already in this article, JESUS "warned" the Church, that the "deception" in the last days would be "GREAT."


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