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(4) ... The Apostate Church ... Present-day "Blindness" in the Church

The word Apostasy means to have abandoned, forsaken, departed from. The Apostle Paul "warned" the Church that there was going to be a "falling away," and a "departing" from the faith, and a time when people will not listen to sound doctrine (i.e. - "fall away" from sound doctrine) The Church becomes Apostate by abandoning, forsaking, departing from sound Biblical doctrine.

It begins with the very pattern of the Christian Protestant Churches ("Institutional" Church System) which operates under a "man-made" hierarchy type of system, rather than by the Early Church pattern which the Lord intended for "His" Church to function under. Not doing it God's way will always lead to error.

Over the centuries, a number of Biblical sound doctrines have become "perverted" in the "Institutional" Church which is now being taught as "truth" and accepted by Christians today.

I am talking about major doctrines that were meant to give Christians "life" and "freedom" in the Spirit, but certain major doctrines have become so "perverted" by the "Institutional" Church, that rather than give "life" and "freedom" in the Spirit to Christians, they put Christians in bondage of which Christians do not even know that they have been put in bondage by these "perverted" doctrinal teachings.

Tragically, Christians today have no clue that "Sunday" after "Sunday," they are attending a "Religious Institution" which is functioning under an Apostate system. COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

On this website, I address a number of major Biblical doctrines that over the centuries have become "perverted" through the teachings of the "Institutional" Church.


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