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(24) ... The Church Is "BUILT" Through Christ Revealing Himself

I strongly feel that the Church has "greatly overlooked" the profound importance of the "DECLARATION" of Christ in Matthew 16:15 – 18. In summary, JESUS is "declaring" to "His" disciples that "HE" will BUILD "His" CHURCH  "through" the direct revelation of "Himself" to the Body of Christ.

The meaning of Biblical revelation: (An act of revealing or communicating Divine Truth.)

The main method that the Lord uses for revealing and communicating Divine Truth, is  through "His" Written Word. This is why that "HE" has given us "His" Written Word.

Christ revealing "Himself" to us at the time that we asked "Him" to come into our lives and be our Lord and Savior is not a one time occurrence. Christ has purposed to reveal "Himself" through the work of the Holy Spirit to a Born-again Believer continally. "Reading" and "Meditating" upon God’s Written Word is the "main avenue" that the Lord has chosen to reveal "Himself" to a Christian continually.

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