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(27) ... AMERICA "will not escape" JUDGEMENT

Many nations are going to face and experience the judgement of God in the final years of this present Age. America "WILL NOT ESCAPE" this JUDGEMENT !

America is guilty of the large scale practice and continuation of many sins. However, there is one GREAT SIN that America is guilty of in which no other nation in the world even comes close to matching the scope and magnitude of this GREAT SIN in America.

America has been known and is known for being a Christian nation. And yet, it is this very nation that has allowed every "FOUL SPIRIT" in the form of "False Teachers" and "False Prophets" to "infiltrate" and "take over" our Christian airways.

This has been made possible by the fact that multitudes of Christians in America "do not know" the Written Word, which has resulted in their lack of Spiritual Discernment, and the fact that many Christians in America are guilty of FOLLOWING Teachers who tell them what they want to hear. This has resulted in their financial support of these Ministries, "which has allowed" the continuation of this GREAT ABOMINATION on our Christian airways in America.

A nation that has been looked upon and is looked upon as a Christian nation, HAS ALLOWED God’s Written Word to be made a "MOCKERY OF" by the WIDESCALE PRACTICE of the "Scriptures" being "DELIBERATELY MANIPULATED" on our Christian airways, ESPECIALLY "DURING FUND RAISING TELETHONS!"

God is JEALOUS over "His" Written Word, and "HE" CANNOT and WILL NOT "continue to allow" the widescale practice of making a mockery of "His" Written Word by the "deliberate misrepresentation" of "His" Written Word  to go on and on.

American Christians have not taken heed to the "warning" in God’s Written Word, which clearly tells us that "WE ARE TO SEPARATE OURSELVES" from those who handle the Written Word of God "DECEITFULLY." Therefore, America "WILL NOT ESCAPE" the JUDGEMENT which is coming in the final years of this present Age.

The Church in America keeps pointing to the deteriorating condition of our government and our society, rather than having the understanding that we need to "open our eyes" to the "escalating deteriorating condition" of the Church. The condition of the Church is certainly of the "greatest concern" to the Lord.

We are told in the 4th Chapter of 1st Peter that JUDGEMENT "MUST BEGIN" AT THE HOUSE OF GOD!  America will tasteexperience and see the FULFILLMENT of those words.






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