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(21) ... About the "RAPTURE"

In the Book of Daniel there is a Passage of Scripture which upon careful examination will give the reader a good understanding that a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Saints (a catching away) does not take place.

Since the Bible devotes a great deal of attention to the End-Times, it is pretty clea…

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(22) ... Paid Clergy

One of the very negative aspects of Paid Clergy is that in reality their paycheck actually becomes their Task-Master, because their paycheck now puts them under certain obligations which are demanded of them by the Institutional Church System.

One good example of many which could be given, is thi…

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(23) ... The "Undermining" Of The New Testament Church

The Pattern and Function of the Institutional Church System has greatly undermined Christ’s intended purpose for His Church which is to function as a "Royal Priesthood" of Believers in Christ. In 1st Corinthians 14:26 the Apostle Paul clearly gives us the intended  Pattern that the Lord desire…

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(24) ... The Church Is "BUILT" Through Christ Revealing Himself

It is my belief that the Church has greatly overlooked the profound importance of the declaration of Christ in Matthew 16:15 – 18. In summary, JESUS is declaring to His disciples that HE will build His Church  through the direct revelation of Himself to the Body of Christ.

The meaning of Bibli…

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(25) ... Will Not Be Kept In The Dark


"I, the Lord God, would say to MY people that I have not given you a Spirit of fear. The things that are coming upon the earth in the final days of this present Age will not come upon you suddenly without advanced warning. As the time draws closer, I will begin to put a Spirit of urgent …

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(26) ... "HONOURING" God's Word

01/09/13 - "Those who do not HONOUR MY WORD from Scripture, do not HONOUR ME!"


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(27) ... AMERICA "will not escape" JUDGEMENT

Many nations are going to face and experience the judgement of God in the final years of this present Age. America WILL NOT ESCAPE this JUDGEMENT!

America is guilty of the large scale practice and continuation of many sins. However, there is one GREAT SIN that America is guilty of in which no ot…

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(28) ... "DISCIPLED" by the Holy Spirit

There are a number of Christians who are in leadership positions who feel that it is the responsibility of the Church to make disciples of Christ by personally discipling other Christians.
Matthew 28:19 is the verse that is most often used in their teaching of this principle. However, Matt…

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(29) ... REVIVAL in America?

There are many Christian Leaders in America who say that they are hungry for revival. It is my very strong opinion that there is a very big obstacle blocking a true revival in America.
I believe that the obstacle blocking true revival in America is that the Body of Christ at large in Americ…

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(30) ... The Lord's "Heartbeat"

09/03/08  -  "I, the Lord God, would say to MY People that if you want to know MY Heartbeat, FEAST on MY WORD."

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(31) ... The "INSTITUTIONAL" Church System

The Institutional Church has come about from being birthed by Man’s Spirit rather than from being birthed by the Holy Spirit.

Posted on this website is a document which is titled (Re-examining the Institutional Church's Doctrine of Tithing)

The document contains a series of titles which con…

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(32) ... "IDOLATRY" of Ministry

Below is a copy of a letter that I sent out to a number of Christian Ministries in the last part of 2011. The majority of these individuals and Ministries are guilty of IDOLATRY of Ministry. In fact, IDOLATRY of Ministry is a very widespread condition that exists in the Church today and is a GREA…

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(33) ... Will Not Be "Mocked"


"I, the Lord God will not be MOCKED!  Those  who  teach  and sow "Deception" through the mishandling of MY truths in the Scriptures of the Bible, shall themselves be "Deceived" by Strong Delusion that shall come upon them. Those who sow "Deception" shall reap "Deception." I am JEAL…

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(34) ... Last Days "Deception" - "Deception" ... Satan's Greatest Weapon

In this article, I am addressing the issue of Dreams, Visions and Supernatural experiences.

One of the very powerful avenues that Satan and his army of Deceivers use on individuals is that of Deceptive Dreams and Deceptive Visions.

We are told in the Scriptures of the Bible that we are to …

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(35) ... Every Eye Shall See Him

From the time that I was a child, I have always been fascinated with clouds. Today (April 1, 2010) as I was looking up at some clouds in the sky, I was reminded of the words in the Bible which state that JESUS will return in the clouds and EVERY EYE will see Him.

I have always wondered how will

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(36) ... The Church's Finest Hour


   "Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. It is time for MY Church to Wake Up. The enemy has purposed to fill MY people with fear concerning End Time Events in the final years of this present Age. The enemy has planned defeat for MY Church in the final years of this present Age…

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(37) ... The Lord's Treasure Chest

For a number of years, I was deeply rooted in a non-denominational Church. This Church eventually came to an end. From time to time, the Pastor of that Church would ask me to bring forth a message to the congregation. When I had been a Christian for less than 12 years, I brought forth this message

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(38) ... New Testament Prophets

I did a survey in which I sent out e-mails to approximately 310 websites that are either Prophetic Ministries or have written articles on the Prophetic. It was a rather exhausting survey. I e-mailed the question "I would like to ask the question about what do you feel is the one thing that a New T…

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(39) ... The Bible is for all Eternity

I will start out by bringing our attention to God’s eternal purpose for creating us. From 1st Peter 1:20 it becomes clear that God’s plan from the very beginning of creation was to bring forth a people who would become JOINT-HEIRS with CHRIST who will Rule and Reign with CHRIST forever.


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(40) ... Why Did I Not Take The Time To Read God’s Word?

Revelation 19:11 & 13  "And Heaven opened, and Behold, a White Horse; And HE that sat upon him was clothed with a Robe Dipped In Blood: And HIS name is called The Word of God".

1st Peter 2:2 - "Like newborn babies, desire  (i.e. intensely crave  -  greatly desire) the pure milk of the Word,…

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